March 19, 2015, Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil, Ukraine

International conference "Food Strategy Initiative 2015"

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Food Strategy Initiative 2015


Forum for Ukrainian Food Insdustry



Place: Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil, 17-19 Bratska Street, Kyiv


Supported by Industry Associations:

Ukrsugar, Ukroliaprom, Ukrmolprom, Ukrhlibprom, Ukrpivo, Ukrvinprom, Ukrkondprom

Global community is striving to find a solution to the urgent problem – provision of food security for the world’s rapidly growing population. More and more attention is paid to development of a competent strategy to ensure global food security.

Ukraine takes an important place in these processes. Ukraine's role – either a raw materials exporter, ruthlessly exploiting black soils, or a producer of high-quality food products with innovative technologies - will be discussed at the International Forum “Food Strategy Initiative 2015”.

Goals and initiatives:

•    Reach an understanding of the future food market in 2050 - its main players, market capacity; discuss the structure of demand, raw material component, suppliers, competition;

•   Create a basic platform for discussion and exchange of ideas between food industry experts, representatives of leading international food companies, ministries and agencies, international organizations, academic institutions, as a first step towards development of Ukraine’s food strategy;

•    Identify key growth opportunities in food production, share progressive experience, promote new initiatives;

•    Discuss the "road map" for food industry in the context of implementation of the Association Agreement and Free Trade area between Ukraine and the EU;

•    Coordination of cooperation between business and government to improve competitiveness of Ukrainian food and processing industries in the domestic and foreign markets.

For participation are invited:

• Experts of agricultural and food markets;
• Managers and owners of processing and food companies;
• Managers of agro holdings and farms;
• Representatives of banks, insurance and investment companies;
• Representatives of foreign diplomatic and trade missions;
• International financial institutions;
• Representatives of relevant ministries and agencies;
• Audit, legal and consulting companies;
• Academic institutions.